A young white dragon with greater pride than sense


Level 3 Young White Dragon


Born in the cold lands north of the Nentir Vale, this white dragon saw quickly that he couldn’t out-fight all his brethren for territory in the mountains, so once he was old enough to make a long flight, he migrated south, to the Nentir Vale. Luck was on his side, when he found the small cave he first made his home in to be connected to the tunnels of the Skull Chucker kobold clan. The devout kobolds saw him as a messenger from Tiamat, and while Erenuth was no green, he knew when deception was valuable.
Now, he waits, sending the Skull Chuckers out to raid caravans and increase his horde. Recently, he received an offer from the goblin general Irontooth, asking to join forces against the good races of the Vale. Thinking it beneath him, Erenuth refused. Now Irontooth’s master Kalarel plots revenge on the prideful dragon.
Erenuth’s paranoia at Kalarel’s threats led him to attack the Venture Company when they came to Kobold Hall in search of the Verdantis family lineage scroll. Though the young dragon was powerful, he was no match for the five adventurers. His remains have been overtaken by his elemental nature, and will likely keep his cave frozen for years.


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