The New Chronicles of the Venture Company

13th Day of the Fading, 786 Nerathi Era

My spear wound is bandaged and we’re simply waiting for Brigwyn to finish praying away Shallahai’s injuries. Most of the mansion they call Kobold Hall has collapsed, and the little beasts have moved in to a series of crypts under the estate. There’s some evidence that magical experimentation was carried out in the building, pools of some kind of sticky green goo. Don’t know what it is, but it’s probably going to take my breath weapon to get me scales clean again. This kobold tribe is showing signs of dragon worship. Worse, it’s a white. I doubt we’ll be able to negotiate, the only thing those wyrms respect is power. Still, me executioner’s axe is ready, and Avandra seems to be on our side. The praying is done, let the violence begin!



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