During the glory days of Nerath, a special division of the army was created. A scouting force, this “Venture Company” took the responsibility of being the empire’s eyes beyond its borders. The group is credited with interrupting at least two Orcish invasions, and one Turathi uprising, before either could threaten the empire. With the fall of Nerath a century ago, the Venture Company was without a support structure, and seemingly unable to follow its oath: “Beyond all borders, danger and dissolution wait eternally. So shall we wait, within and without, on guard for all time.”
All is not lost, though. In Fallcrest, the grandson of one of the last Venture Company commanders has returned to claim his birthright. Though largely ignorant of the group’s history, he has brought together a small band of adventurers to push back the darkness threatening to engulf the last of civilization.

The New Chronicles of the Venture Company

Kaerri Twilightrose